Are you frustrated when people ask you to repeat?

Is your communication inhibiting your career advancement?

Do you want to improve the impression you make when interviewing?

Speech Advantage® is proud to offer
its online Accent Freedom® course
for quality accent modification training and effective communication in the workplace.

Communication needs to be professional and efficient when interacting with or presenting information to customers, coworkers, and colleagues. Speech must to be clear to make an impact the first time. Get the competitive edge by enhancing your workplace communication!

The Speech Advantage® Accent Freedom® course is an expert-led online* accent modification training which can help you or your employees improve their English communication skills. The customized Accent Freedom® training modules, lessons, and interactive practice sessions help English-as-a-second-language speakers to recognize their own deviations from the standard American English accent, and make continual improvements to deliver clear, effective communication.

*Availability of course materials will depend on your subscription level.

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